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Furniture Stores Italy      Furniture Stores Italy  Furniture Stores Italy  Furniture Stores Italy 
Furniture Stores Italy
Furniture Stores Italy
FM Arredamenti was founded as a family business, operating in the wood industry for interior furnishings in both a classic and modern style. Over the years it has gained in competence and professionalism both in its use of materials and with specific machinery for woodworking.

In addition to traditional methods FM Arredamenti uses modern technology with numerical control, which consents to speed up production while maintaining the standard of quality that has always distinguished it, in the tradition of "Made in Italy".

FM Arredamenti operates both in Italy and abroad and is a guarantee of a product of high technical quality, while maintaining the craftsmanship of our work, characterized by furniture "made to measure", personalized and unique. Thanks to experience accumulated over the years, FM Aredamenti is able to offer its customers an "all-inclusive" service, which accompanies and follows the client from the planning, execution and assembly, providing a "turnkey" service also in areas such as metal, glass, plexiglass and lighting.

Furniture Stores Italy

FM ARREDAMENTI SRL Via Fonda di Mezzana 72 - 59100 Prato - Tuscany - Italy - - tel. +39 0574 - 583942, +39 0574 – 583942
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Furniture Stores Italy      Furniture Stores Italy